Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Talk Cars With The Best Of Them

Quick Stop Online Can Give Any Non-Car Guy The Info Needed To Talk Cars With The Best Of Them

(NAPSI)-With football season upon us, you know your buddies will be talking about cars over a few cold ones. But you don't know anything about cars! Don't put your foot in your mouth or lose points on your "guy" card by confusing a stick shift with a crankshaft, a Dodge Challenger with a Chevy Camaro, or a V-8 engine with a V8 drink.

A quick stop at some popular Web sites can arm you with all the information you'll need to hang tough and engage in serious car talk with the best of them.

• has about 3 million new and used cars listed for sale. Visit the site to check out best-selling models, compare car specs and prices, get the inside skinny on options and upgrades and more. From the Honda Accord to the Nissan Z, they're all here, so do your research and be ready with the facts, figures and model info that will have you at the center of the conversation.

• BP's Web site,, can help you "get smart" on what's going on in your car's engine, and offers tips on helping cars run younger for longer (check tire pressure, get regular tune-ups, remove unnecessary weight from the trunk) and how to get more miles out of every tank. Share some of these simple tips to keep the conversation rolling and help your pals keep their cars running younger for longer.

• Toyota popularized the hybrid in the United States, so what better place than to get the info you need to sound like a hybrid expert? Learn the difference between mild and full hybrids, what regenerative breaking does and even how a solar-powered sunroof works and what good it does. Hybrids are mainstream now, so weave some of this info into your next car talk.

These sites are just as helpful if you're a woman who is married to, dating, the daughter of or otherwise connected to a rabid car guy and you're hoping to keep up the next time he starts talking RPMs, MPG and MPH (revolutions per minute, miles per gallon and miles per hour).

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